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before | after

somethings change

so, i dumped the crappy job and got a new one!
i hated where i was working, the place was a dive, i felt unsafe being alone in a place that has had armed hold ups and a lot of the patronage wasn't much better than the place.
but now, i have a job i like.
i'm working full time as a duty manager at Churchills Tavern, and filling in as a bar tender at Bourbon Street, the metal bar they own in town, when needed. loving it!!
Churchills has been done up recently and it's a nice clean tidy looking bar!
Bourbon street plays metal which is music i enjoy! and i know a lot of the people who go there.
it's win win lol
while doing this i am doing part time study at uni. a certificate of arts in linguistics and media. it's just a small paper, but it will do me for that bit extra i feel my brain needs at the moment :) it's great having brett there, it kinda pushes me to actually attended and do well which i didn't do last time, and i can scab rides when it's cold hehe
speaking of rides, i shall be a vehicle owner soon. well, i'm buying a scooter. now i just need to get my licence. at 30 years old i am finally getting my learners. i have just not really needed it before now.
and speaking of brett, we are about to celebrate one year together :) it feels like longer in a good way, because of the 4.5 years of friendship we had before this.
we are still ridiculously happy and gooey and all that. it's gross lol
taylah has hit the tweens!! as much as i dislike the "tween" term, it really does fit her. she is 11 soon, going on bloody 18 some days. foot stomping, answering back, eye roll and all that. i love her dearly! and sometimes have to remind myself of that lol
and that folks is a brief run down and what's up in kathi land.
how are you doing?