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before | after

what's up lj peeps

so, after the earthquake mentioned in my last post aggges ago we have had quite a few earth tremors since. nothing over 6 in magnitude, but it is still a bit daunting.
because of the earthquake damage to my main work place (churchills tavern) and the damage to the building next to my other work place (bourbon street bar) they wont be opening any time soon, so i had to get a new job. the owner of the bars i was working at gave my number to another bar owner and i now work at two bars again, ciburb bar and grill as duty manager, bar tender and sometimes kitchen, and chats bar, mostly in the kitchen. things seem to be going along well at both bars for me :)
in other news, i just had my 31st birthday. i worked on the day of my birthday, and brett had exams so we took a time out this week and went away to hanmer springs, where we relaxed in the hot pools, got a massage each and i got a chocolate facial (that could sound really dodgey lol). we have decided that that's how we do hanmer from now on.
it was back to reality and an angsty tween very quickly though. the midget is being a determined little sod. we had to physically put her in the car and drop her off at school the other day. when she makes he mind up on how she is going to act she is as stubborn as i am!
hopefully it is just a phase *sigh*
oh and i completed uni for the year. i get the results next month but i am pretty sure i will be getting a B for media, and maybe a C for linguistics. i HATE exams!
and that is my life for the last few months condensed into a few paragraphs :)