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so my last two entries were about the christchurch earthquakes, and now i am going to tell you about what happened to me last week. may seem like i have a tragic life or something, but i really don't lol. i have a good life and i am a happy person, shit just happens.

i mentioned a wee while back that i got a new job after the september 2010 quake wrecked where i was working. i was made 2IC a couple of months ago, just means extra stuff to do but that's all good by me.
last thursday, just as i started, i thought i recognised this older dude as someone who had hit another patron a few months ago. one of the locals came up to me and confirmed that it was him and i asked the manager how she thought we should deal with it. she suggested i take him outside and ask him to leave, in case he made a scene.
i approached him and asked very politely "can you come outside with me for a minute please" he said "yip" and followed me out calm as anything.
once outside, because he was a known trouble maker i stood a distance away from him i got out the words "i remember you" he goes "yeah?" and WHAM!!!
he punched me right in the mouth.
my hands flew to my mouth and i walked backwards into the carpark very quickly going "my fucking teeth, you got my fucking teeth"
i looked up and one of the locals was running towards me. she grabbed me and took me inside into the office and put some handtowels full of ice on my mouth, saying soothing things the whole time.
she said 'call the cops" which the cook did, he turned to me and asked if i need an amublance. as my front big tooth and the incisor next on the left side to it were facing backwards i just said "yes"
while i was being looked after in the office, a whole bunch of young guys, who were having an after work drink all went outside to make sure this guy didn't do a runner. but they didn't need to do much. he just stood there waiting, and when the police arrested him he calmly put his hands behind his back, and he was taken away before i was.
st johns ambulance service have a depot somewhere near my work i think, because a parametic showed up really quikly saying he just walked over. he had a look and rung the hospital and asked if someone from the dental clinic there could stay on because they are usually 9-5, and this was about 4:30. the ambulance arrived soon after and i was taken away.
the usualy amublance stuff happened. they checked my vitals, asked me questions and were very suprised i was so coherant.
i wasn't in the emergency room long. i was taken straight in, given and tetanus shot right away and given about 8 painkillers to take. taking pills wasn't easy, and i had a cut bottom lip so drinking was a dribbly expeience.
the police came and got my statement. the policewoman i spoke too was great. she forgot her camera, but i told her i had taken some on my blackberry and i would email them to her. she asked things like "how do you feel. did you feel like you wanted to smash him? you're allowed to feel like that if you want" i actually felt more embarassed than anything else, and in a lot of pain. she was suprised that i essentially held my own. my head didn't fly back or anything, and he only got me in the mouth. she ws cool.
had x-rays, which didn't take long, what took long was trying to get my piercings out. i usually use my teeth to hold the flat of my labret piercing still while i take the ball off, and i obviously couldn't. using my hands, i got them out.
brett and sharon, my manager were there when i came out. poor sharon had to do her best not to gag, she hates anything to do with teeth.
the dental surgeon came over and took me into another room and went to work.
so what had happened was my teeth were knocked back, but the reason why thee didn't come out is because they were wedged into my top jaw. she injected my gums with the numb stuff and proceded to manhandle my teeth back into place for the next two hours using her hands. i apoligised because i felt like i was resisting her because it felt like she was trying to pull my teeth out, but she understood. it was still hurting so she injected the back gums too, fuck that hurt!
she did the best she could with the positioning of them, and put a wire brace over them, using my undamaged teeth as anchors. then she put a couple of stitches in my top gums, and one in my bottom lip and i was done.
brett told me that she had a nice bra on. when she was putting the brace on she had to lean over me, and she was wearing a blouse. he had to "glance not stare, glance not stare". i laughed my arse off. i would've done the same thing lol.
over the weekend my top lip looked like i had had collagen and botox. i looked like a duck and it could move lol.
on friday the police called and told me that the guy is getting charged with assault with intent. he is mentally ill and is known for this kind of behaviour, yet he got out on bail that afternoon and was out over the weekend. the codeine was making me feel really freaking sick, and i puked all over the carpet while on the phone to them. i went down to the doctors to make sure it wasn't a delayed concussion or something, and he told me to drop the doses and gave me some anti nausea pills.
on saturday i popped into work to pick my my scooter and to take flowers to the local who looked after me, she was just so awesome.
they were all amazed by how good i was looking considering. i heard a few funny stories afterwards, like someone saying "he better not to a fucking runner" and the husband of the lady who helped me saying "i could run faster than he fucking can".
i went back to work on monday. it was all good. i was a bit whacked out on codeine so was a but of a space cadet, but it was all good.
on tuesday i went and saw a dentist. the intention was to make a future plan, like whether i would need a root canal or have the teeth taken out and get implants, but after she did an x-ray, i was sent to a specialist endodonist.
my body is trying to re abosorb my big tooth from the inside out, and it's happening really quickly. the dentist said it's rare and she has only seen it a handfull of times in her 20 years as a dentist. the treatment for it is to have acid injected into the tooth, and because it's hard and expensive i had to see the specialist.
i got to see the endodonist that afternoon, but there was no acid injection.she put ice cold stuff on my teeth, which i couldn't feel on the damaged teeth, she also needs a comparative x-ray, and as i haven't seen a dentist in years there wasn't anything for her to use. i have another appointment with her in 2 weeks, THEN a plan can be made. i will need a root canal or implants regardless, but it's a matter of when not if.
today i went back to the dental surgeon from the emergency room. i made her day. she had been disparing over if she could've done my teeth or the bracing better, she talked to her work mates about my case and was thinking about it all weekend. i told her that the dentist and specialist both said she had done a fantastic job, she looked stoked. she took a look in my mouth and asked if either of the two i saw yesterday tightened my braces becaus emy teeth looked great and straight, i said no, she really did do a great job and she should be proud of herself. my gums and lip are healing really fast and well and i have been keeping them nice and clean and she was glad to see it was all going well.
she was super lovely and having someone like her makes the whole trauma thing more bearable.
i know the guy who hit me is mentally ill, but i believe he should be punished. he knew what he did was wrong, and he has done it before despite the help he has had. he doesn't need help anymore, he needs to be punished. he had his plea hearing on monday, and i haven't heard anything else, so i will email the cop in charge of my case tonight.
keep ya posted.
not for the faint hearted pics are here
don't click if you're squemish

so that brings me to today. the braces make me look younger, and i'm doing ok :)