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my life is honestly not as tragic as it seems

so my last two entries were about the christchurch earthquakes, and now i am going to tell you about what happened to me last week. may seem like i have a tragic life or something, but i really don't lol. i have a good life and i am a happy person, shit just happens.

i mentioned a wee while back that i got a new job after the september 2010 quake wrecked where i was working. i was made 2IC a couple of months ago, just means extra stuff to do but that's all good by me.
last thursday, just as i started, i thought i recognised this older dude as someone who had hit another patron a few months ago. one of the locals came up to me and confirmed that it was him and i asked the manager how she thought we should deal with it. she suggested i take him outside and ask him to leave, in case he made a scene.
i approached him and asked very politely "can you come outside with me for a minute please" he said "yip" and followed me out calm as anything.
once outside, because he was a known trouble maker i stood a distance away from him i got out the words "i remember you" he goes "yeah?" and WHAM!!!
he punched me right in the mouth.
my hands flew to my mouth and i walked backwards into the carpark very quickly going "my fucking teeth, you got my fucking teeth"
i looked up and one of the locals was running towards me. she grabbed me and took me inside into the office and put some handtowels full of ice on my mouth, saying soothing things the whole time.
she said 'call the cops" which the cook did, he turned to me and asked if i need an amublance. as my front big tooth and the incisor next on the left side to it were facing backwards i just said "yes"
while i was being looked after in the office, a whole bunch of young guys, who were having an after work drink all went outside to make sure this guy didn't do a runner. but they didn't need to do much. he just stood there waiting, and when the police arrested him he calmly put his hands behind his back, and he was taken away before i was.
st johns ambulance service have a depot somewhere near my work i think, because a parametic showed up really quikly saying he just walked over. he had a look and rung the hospital and asked if someone from the dental clinic there could stay on because they are usually 9-5, and this was about 4:30. the ambulance arrived soon after and i was taken away.
the usualy amublance stuff happened. they checked my vitals, asked me questions and were very suprised i was so coherant.
i wasn't in the emergency room long. i was taken straight in, given and tetanus shot right away and given about 8 painkillers to take. taking pills wasn't easy, and i had a cut bottom lip so drinking was a dribbly expeience.
the police came and got my statement. the policewoman i spoke too was great. she forgot her camera, but i told her i had taken some on my blackberry and i would email them to her. she asked things like "how do you feel. did you feel like you wanted to smash him? you're allowed to feel like that if you want" i actually felt more embarassed than anything else, and in a lot of pain. she was suprised that i essentially held my own. my head didn't fly back or anything, and he only got me in the mouth. she ws cool.
had x-rays, which didn't take long, what took long was trying to get my piercings out. i usually use my teeth to hold the flat of my labret piercing still while i take the ball off, and i obviously couldn't. using my hands, i got them out.
brett and sharon, my manager were there when i came out. poor sharon had to do her best not to gag, she hates anything to do with teeth.
the dental surgeon came over and took me into another room and went to work.
so what had happened was my teeth were knocked back, but the reason why thee didn't come out is because they were wedged into my top jaw. she injected my gums with the numb stuff and proceded to manhandle my teeth back into place for the next two hours using her hands. i apoligised because i felt like i was resisting her because it felt like she was trying to pull my teeth out, but she understood. it was still hurting so she injected the back gums too, fuck that hurt!
she did the best she could with the positioning of them, and put a wire brace over them, using my undamaged teeth as anchors. then she put a couple of stitches in my top gums, and one in my bottom lip and i was done.
brett told me that she had a nice bra on. when she was putting the brace on she had to lean over me, and she was wearing a blouse. he had to "glance not stare, glance not stare". i laughed my arse off. i would've done the same thing lol.
over the weekend my top lip looked like i had had collagen and botox. i looked like a duck and it could move lol.
on friday the police called and told me that the guy is getting charged with assault with intent. he is mentally ill and is known for this kind of behaviour, yet he got out on bail that afternoon and was out over the weekend. the codeine was making me feel really freaking sick, and i puked all over the carpet while on the phone to them. i went down to the doctors to make sure it wasn't a delayed concussion or something, and he told me to drop the doses and gave me some anti nausea pills.
on saturday i popped into work to pick my my scooter and to take flowers to the local who looked after me, she was just so awesome.
they were all amazed by how good i was looking considering. i heard a few funny stories afterwards, like someone saying "he better not to a fucking runner" and the husband of the lady who helped me saying "i could run faster than he fucking can".
i went back to work on monday. it was all good. i was a bit whacked out on codeine so was a but of a space cadet, but it was all good.
on tuesday i went and saw a dentist. the intention was to make a future plan, like whether i would need a root canal or have the teeth taken out and get implants, but after she did an x-ray, i was sent to a specialist endodonist.
my body is trying to re abosorb my big tooth from the inside out, and it's happening really quickly. the dentist said it's rare and she has only seen it a handfull of times in her 20 years as a dentist. the treatment for it is to have acid injected into the tooth, and because it's hard and expensive i had to see the specialist.
i got to see the endodonist that afternoon, but there was no acid injection.she put ice cold stuff on my teeth, which i couldn't feel on the damaged teeth, she also needs a comparative x-ray, and as i haven't seen a dentist in years there wasn't anything for her to use. i have another appointment with her in 2 weeks, THEN a plan can be made. i will need a root canal or implants regardless, but it's a matter of when not if.
today i went back to the dental surgeon from the emergency room. i made her day. she had been disparing over if she could've done my teeth or the bracing better, she talked to her work mates about my case and was thinking about it all weekend. i told her that the dentist and specialist both said she had done a fantastic job, she looked stoked. she took a look in my mouth and asked if either of the two i saw yesterday tightened my braces becaus emy teeth looked great and straight, i said no, she really did do a great job and she should be proud of herself. my gums and lip are healing really fast and well and i have been keeping them nice and clean and she was glad to see it was all going well.
she was super lovely and having someone like her makes the whole trauma thing more bearable.
i know the guy who hit me is mentally ill, but i believe he should be punished. he knew what he did was wrong, and he has done it before despite the help he has had. he doesn't need help anymore, he needs to be punished. he had his plea hearing on monday, and i haven't heard anything else, so i will email the cop in charge of my case tonight.
keep ya posted.
not for the faint hearted pics are here
don't click if you're squemish

so that brings me to today. the braces make me look younger, and i'm doing ok :)

it was an age ago that i started writing this

i started writing this months ago, not long after the giant devastating earthquake hit where i live.

on feb 22, a 6.3 magnitude quake hit christchurch at 12.50ish pm, killing 165 and causing major damage mostly to the central city and a lot of damage to almost the whole city.
it was located in the hills in lyttleton and it had a force that put septembers 7.1 to shame (the quake that wrecked my work place at the time)

let me share my experience of it.
i was at home, in a nearly 100 year old two storey double brick house. i lived about 10 mins away from the CBD, in the hard hit eastern suburbs. when it hit, i had just got out of my chair to go and get something to eat from the kitchen because i had just got home from uni. at 1st, there was a rumble and a wobble. i honestly went "ohshit" and thought it was an aftershock. then it got bigger and bigger and everything i own started to fall on the gound, the chimney crashed through the roof into a spare room that we don't use and was resting on the dining room ceiling at the back of the house and i watched plaster and brick fall from my walls. again i honestly said "ohshit" albeit a bit louder this time and was knocked on my arse by my door.
my flatmate screamed and ran out of his room. we looked at each other and i thought his eyeballs were going to pop out of his head.
when it was finished i looked around the room, then the house saying "fuck fuck fuck" the entire time. started freaking out about taylah being at school, and hoped she would be alright schools are built tough.
at home flatmate noticed exposed double brick and got the fuck out of the house.
another flatmate (bling) came running into the house. he had been down the road at eastgate mall having lunch in the food court when it hit. bits of the mall fell down around him as there was a stampede to get out. he ran all the way home, and was a bit concerned when he came around the corner and couldn't see the roof of the house, but he misjudged where it was. he described the damage he saw on his was home and that's when i realised that this one might just had killed people.
i grabbed the phone which wasn't working because it was a cordless and the power was out, so i text brett, and my other two flatmates to make sure they were ok, and to tell them the house was fucked.
i grabbed my emergency food box, filled a suitcase with clothes that were nearby, put my laptop, phone, diary and personal documents on my satchel, grabbed my helmet and taylahs push bike helmet and went outside to jump on my bike (my scooter of all of 49cc's). i was determined to get to taylah and even brett if need be (celphone coverage was pretty much knocked out and hadn't got a response)
i made sure the flatmates weren't going anywhere in a hurry so we could use the house as a hub for everyone to return too when brett's dad showed up.
he was on an overpass when it hit and thought he had blown out a tire at 1st. i yelled out "were coming to stay at your house" when i saw him. i kinda blurbled at him about not hearing from brett and taylah being at school and he assured me that taylah was probably fine and he text brett. being on the same network he got a quicker response than i did. he left to go and check on both sets of brett's elderly grandparents.
i finally heard from brett, who had been at uni in riccarton when it hit, coming out of a lecture. accacia (another flatmate) was there was well, under the library building (which had only really just reopened after the sept quake) and she was with him and they were trying to get home. i got a bajillion text from nick (flatmate also) and he was making his way home too from the inner city.
i had never been so grateful for my wee scooter before this day. it took me 10 minutes to get to taylah's school, where as people in cars were stuck in traffic for hours and hours. under the lakes of burst water mains and sewer pipes were sink holes and badly damaged roads. on my scooter i was up and down the footpaths, on peoples properties and zipping in and out of the stuck traffic.
when i got to the school, all the kids had been evacuated to the playing field. there was water and liquefaction coming up under them, so they had to keep moving over. i left my scooter at the gate and ran in.
taylah saw me pretty quickly, leapt at me and hugged me like a limpet. i told her the house was damaged but everyone was ok and went to find her teacher.
as i walked up to her teacher one of the other teachers walked up to him with her phone and said "the cathedral is gone". things started really kicking in from there.
i took taylah to brett's grandparents who live right next to the school and left her there with them so i could go back home and sort out things from there.
back at the house the girlfriend of the at home flatmate had shown up, with her mum and they proceeded to have a freaking domestic. i was glad when they were finally gone.
nick had also arrived home and brett was not long after, acacia saw her mum and jumped in her car on the way home. we all talked about what happened to us. nick having to leave the building his course was in so quickly he couldn't grab anything. brett being stuck in traffic for 4 hours, he was getting updates from his friend in canada on his blackberry and from the radio. blings i have already mentioned and mine is this now. acacia was dropped off by her mum soon after.
we all got what we needed out of the house because there was no way any of us could stay there and put it all out in the drive way and just sorta stood around like "well, now what". there were phone calls and text messages to friends and family to make sure everyone was ok, to tell them we were ok and to organise somewhere for everyone to go.
while standing in the driveway, we saw doctors and nurses walking towards the city, while hundreds of pedestrians with stunned looks on their faces and cars were leaving it. i asked some people walking away from the city how it was, i got back "it's fucked, there's people dead". wow
we saw people we knew, asked them how they were and they asked us the same. it was all pretty surreal.
brett and i packed the car in readiness to go to his parents house in swannanoa (north canterbury) where taylah had already been taken.
the at home flatmate left in his girlfriends car to his mums house.
bling organised to go to a friends.
nick and acacia were waiting for nick's dad to come and get them, but he couldn't get through all the traffic so they borrowed our bikes and biked to nicks parents house in cashmere.
once i knew everyone had somewhere to go we made our way north, slowly. it took us 4 hours to get down a stretch of road that normal takes 2 minutes, another 2 hours to get down another. we were listening to the radio in total disbelief the whole time. also, i was glad to grab some snack food from the house, neither of us had eaten since morning. that was the best muesli bar i have ever had.
late that night we got to brett's parents house. it was a full house with brett's parents, grandparents, us and friends of bretts parents there.
i pretty much passed out rather than fall asleep that night.
so that was the day of feburary 22nd, 2011.

in the months following we lived in a caravan at brett's parents house. it was a bit close i tell you.
the old house had an artisian well, so we hooked the hose up to it and put up some "free water" signs and let the neighbours help themselves. we weren't using it.
we were back and forward moving our stuff that wasn't damaged into brett's grandparents garage. it wasn't much.
my work place wasn't damaged much. i helped organise a task force of work mates to get in there and clean it all up about a week and a half after. the chiller obviously was a mess. all that booze and glassware CRASH onto a concrette floor. it took us 4 solid days of cleaning to get it all up to scratch. i went shopping for food, wrote and temporary menu, while the other duty managers worked out a roster and the owners worked out the carpet drying and the council visits and we were open for business. i helped clean up the other bar, chats in new brighton. they took longer to re open due to having no power or water in the area and having more damage.
i helped out clean up a few of the harringtons bottle stores brett works at. harringtons lost one of it's bottle stores, and had to get rid of a lot in the breweries due to the water being contaminated and the power being off, but the stores that could open did almost straight away.
coming in from swananoa daily was time consuming and expensive. i was leaving my scooter at the harrington restaurant in belfast and going into town on it, taking water and stuff to people who couldn't get about either due to no public transport or the mucked up roads. then, it died. the crankshaft went. it was going to cost more to get a new one than the bike cost, so RIP scooter.
i was trying to still go to uni, they had set up a tent city of lecture theatres and stuff in a large carpark. the tents were cold and noisy. the university kept on moving my lectures and tutorials around at short notice. most of the work was done online (which is not how i like to study), with not having my own transport, brett was having the drop me off in the morning, my lecture would be at lunch time, i wouldn't start work until about 4 or 5, it was a waste of time and money, so i withdrew.
meanwhile, taylah was enrolled in the local school. brett's mum is a teacher there and they live in the old school house so we were right next door. after a bit of kicking and screaming she settled in.

a friend of ours told us his family had a place for rent near where we used to live. brett went and had a look, it wasn't nice. but his grandmother had been put in a home and her house was available. it was perfect, smaller and newer than our old house, and so warm! we moved in 2 months after the quake and have been here since. taylah was able to go back to her old school and settled back in.

nearly 10 months later. most of the CBD is closed, and half of it is gone. they have cleared up and open parts of it, the roads are still munted but are slowly getting repaired, there are still areas with dodgey power and sewerage and the city has been divided into red, orange, white or green zones. red zones are the places and land that are badly damaged and the government is buying the houses in those zones. orange is a maybe zone. white is a still undecided, and green is ok. we are in a green zone, but a lot of our street is red. you can find photos and information about this anywhere on the net.

we are slowly getting back to normal. there are reminders of it all everyday. at home it's using other peoples furniture. out on the streets it's the road works and pot holes. it's the abandoned house, and the gaps where things used to be. not being able to "pop into town" and grab something. you tend to do things that you never thought off. i have always had an emergency box, now i make sure i have water, torches and a cooker too. i make sure i don't leave things in the way of doors or within running away areas lol. i also have learnt that i am good in an emergency.

your life gets divided into before and after a event like this. nothing is ever going to be back the way it was or "normal" but you adjust. christchurch is going to take a long time to heal, and it will be different. it's going to be an awesome experience to see a community/city not rebuild, but be reborn

my house after the quake
other quake pics i took out and about the inte few weeks afterwards

and the CBD now.
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BW kathi

what's up lj peeps

so, after the earthquake mentioned in my last post aggges ago we have had quite a few earth tremors since. nothing over 6 in magnitude, but it is still a bit daunting.
because of the earthquake damage to my main work place (churchills tavern) and the damage to the building next to my other work place (bourbon street bar) they wont be opening any time soon, so i had to get a new job. the owner of the bars i was working at gave my number to another bar owner and i now work at two bars again, ciburb bar and grill as duty manager, bar tender and sometimes kitchen, and chats bar, mostly in the kitchen. things seem to be going along well at both bars for me :)
in other news, i just had my 31st birthday. i worked on the day of my birthday, and brett had exams so we took a time out this week and went away to hanmer springs, where we relaxed in the hot pools, got a massage each and i got a chocolate facial (that could sound really dodgey lol). we have decided that that's how we do hanmer from now on.
it was back to reality and an angsty tween very quickly though. the midget is being a determined little sod. we had to physically put her in the car and drop her off at school the other day. when she makes he mind up on how she is going to act she is as stubborn as i am!
hopefully it is just a phase *sigh*
oh and i completed uni for the year. i get the results next month but i am pretty sure i will be getting a B for media, and maybe a C for linguistics. i HATE exams!
and that is my life for the last few months condensed into a few paragraphs :)
BW kathi

at 4.35am saturday morning i gave birth to a GIANT SHIT IN MY PANTS

so, where i live, christchurch new zealand, we were rudely woken up by 7.1 magnitude earthquake saturday morning
we are fine. we and our house were not damaged in anyway. but the CBD which is near by is badly damaged. we have actually come off quite lucky considering our old brick house and location. fuck, the whole city is lucky due to how far under ground it was, how far west it was and the time it was. if it had been an hour earlier with partying people in the night clubs etc in the CBD, or later when job people were on their way to work there would've been fatalities. as it is, only one person has died but that was due to having a heart attack, and there has been only a few serious injuries.
taylah is even having a sleep over at her friends house after an ice cream party they had due to not having any power and it having to be eaten.
we have had power and water the entire time since, but it might be contaminated so i am boiling it.
brett and i also even attended the 2nd night of KAOS's 48 hour party, along with a few others.
it's almost business as usual except my my work place didn't fare so well
i have no idea if i will have a job yet. i am not going to worry about it for now.
uni has also been closed for another week (we were already on holidays).
it is all very surreal. we are still getting after shocks.
now i actually have a huge phobia of earthquakes, i think it is from being brought up in napier which had a huge one in 1931, so earthquake safety and awareness was drilled into us. i am very proud of the way i am handling things. this is a phobia i can control. but my nerves are a bit frazzled.

on a lighter note, brett and i celebrate one year of being more than friends today lol.
and happy fathers day to all the dads out there
BW kathi

somethings change

so, i dumped the crappy job and got a new one!
i hated where i was working, the place was a dive, i felt unsafe being alone in a place that has had armed hold ups and a lot of the patronage wasn't much better than the place.
but now, i have a job i like.
i'm working full time as a duty manager at Churchills Tavern, and filling in as a bar tender at Bourbon Street, the metal bar they own in town, when needed. loving it!!
Churchills has been done up recently and it's a nice clean tidy looking bar!
Bourbon street plays metal which is music i enjoy! and i know a lot of the people who go there.
it's win win lol
while doing this i am doing part time study at uni. a certificate of arts in linguistics and media. it's just a small paper, but it will do me for that bit extra i feel my brain needs at the moment :) it's great having brett there, it kinda pushes me to actually attended and do well which i didn't do last time, and i can scab rides when it's cold hehe
speaking of rides, i shall be a vehicle owner soon. well, i'm buying a scooter. now i just need to get my licence. at 30 years old i am finally getting my learners. i have just not really needed it before now.
and speaking of brett, we are about to celebrate one year together :) it feels like longer in a good way, because of the 4.5 years of friendship we had before this.
we are still ridiculously happy and gooey and all that. it's gross lol
taylah has hit the tweens!! as much as i dislike the "tween" term, it really does fit her. she is 11 soon, going on bloody 18 some days. foot stomping, answering back, eye roll and all that. i love her dearly! and sometimes have to remind myself of that lol
and that folks is a brief run down and what's up in kathi land.
how are you doing?
love mordred

i am another that has been consumed by the facebook monster

well, i do have a job, but i am not liking it so much. i'm a duty manager at a tavern that is not so nice and full of local drunks that tell me how to do my job. i am also there alone at night and the place has had an armed hold up before, while there were customers in there so being there alone doesn't sit well with me.
it's also less money than i was on before and only part time.
i went for another job chefing, and doing some bar work a couple of weeks ago, and went in for a trial that went ok, but there was not much for me to do and i am waiting for the call back. the head chef reckons he will call me back today. it's the same money as i was getting at the RaT, and a lot more hours so fingers crossed this chef gets his a into g and calls me back.

in other news: the midget has started her school hockey season. her first two games have been losses, and for brett it was absolutely frustrating to watch, as someone who has played hockey since he was like 5. their "coach" has never actually played hockey so the kids have been learning some bad habits like bunching up and just smashing the ball in any direction. and the "everyone wins" attitude does my head in. when i played hockey, we played to win. if a player wasn't doing well we took them off. this one kid was wandering around like he was in his own world, most of the time facing the wrong direction, yet because the "coach" wanted him to be encouraged she left him in there. GUH!
being at the games also makes me realise i do not fit in with the "married stay at home mother" types lol. taylah was asked if i was her sister (i will take it as a compliment). one of the mothers comes up too me:
her: "are you one of the mothers"
me: "yes"
her: "oh we thought you might be" (it looked like the other mothers were having a huddle before she approached me)
her: "which one is yours?"
me "taylah, that tall kid there"
her: "oh, haha, she doesn't get her height from you does she?"
me: *completely dead pan* "no, no she doesn't"
her *nervous laugh walk away*

and: brett had his birthday recently. he is not someone who usually celebrates his birthday but i'm sure he had more fun with it this year.
on his actual birthday we went out for dinner at winnie bagoes (pizza place i had a job trial at where the manager wanted me but the boss was like "wtf are you doing, there are no jobs here atm").
the next day along with canadian kat and tall mike we went on a road trip. leaving christchurch we went to kaikoura to pick up some free cray fish (OMG! YUM!) and went to the baby seal nursery. which is a water fall in the forest. one of the little fuckers chased me! i kid you not. it came at me three times and i had to hide behind a sign to get away from it then it just started at me over it.
then we went the back roads way to hanmer springs for an evening time hot pools soak and dinner.
it was an awesome day!
and FYI brett absolutely loves it when i point out the gray hairs he has now, when he is 4 and a bit years younger than me lol.

and that's all i have got to say about that.
BW kathi

I'm a bad live journal-er

up until recently, i had been visiting LJ daily, reading your lives daily and all that, even if i didn't update much, but lately, i haven't even been doing that.
i'm a bad person.

so now that i have caught up with you all, and updated myself on web comics etc, it's all about me!

so a couple of months ago i lost my job as the head chef/cook at the rose and thistle. new owners had taken over and a few weeks into it i got the "we don't need you as of now" speech. after 2.5 years working there, i was gone in less than a minute. as we all had to reapply for our jobs, and here in NZ we have a 90 day trial thing with any job they were well within their rights to do it.
i have heard a few second hand accounts on why i was fired, but i have never been given a real reason, but oh well, shite happens.
so the job hunt begins. i have applied for a million and ONE jobs online, only have got like two response. one resulted in an interview where i was offered the job running the bar in a golf club, BUT unfortunately, i had to turn that job down due to transport. i don't have any. the nearest bus stop was 4 km's away.
at the same time i had been cruising bars giving over my CV asking for work. in one day i went to 25 places. i got one call back from this. i had a great interview, a week later i had a great trial. it was front of house at a pizzeria. the manager wanted to hire me, BUT there wasn't actually a position. the manager was going to try and convince the owner to hire me, but he said no.
waste of my fucking time.
i had an interview at a grotty wee tavern last week for some part time work, expecting a call back tomorrow
so, i am still unemployed but still searching.
me being me, i'm not letting it get me down. i would rather take my time and get something i like than work in some menial job i don't want.
in the mean time, my house is super clean and organized and i have been doing a lot of experimental baking, much to the joy of brett (my boyfriend) and taylah (my midget)

other things that have happened.
one of my "kittens" was hit and killed by a car last week. she was one of the litter that one of my older cats had, nearly 3 years old. the other cats (three remaining. the two original and one form the same litter) seem to miss her. they have been hanging out in places she used, and they haven't had it in them to fight! they used to hiss and smack each other constantly, but since tobie (the torby)'s death, nothing.
RIP my chatter box cat. i will miss our conversations.

no major new news from my midget. she's still tall, gorgeous and clever. we have had to have a couple of sex and growing up chats lately, but i don't mind those. she doesn't get silly or embarrassed, she asks genuinely valid questions. she is playing hokey for winter sport this year, which she seems to be more enthusiastic about this time around due to watching brett play on monday nights. and it helps that we are taking her in to buy gear and a stick today, new stuff always makes kids enthusiastic.

brett and i are still stupidly happy together. i don't remember mentioning it, but after a trip to napier (my home town) at the start of the year (where the car broken down, cost us lots blah blah blah) he moved in.
it's a hard life for him. the other day he complained that i don't let him do anything around the house. if he offers to do something like vacuum the floor i say i will do it. poor guy.
nearly 8 months later and we are still squishy.

a few weeks ago at Armageddon (nz's version of a comic con type thing) we meet robert rankin. he did a little talk thing that hardly anyone showed up too, but it made it more intimate and amusing. the guy is completely nuts and i had not read any of his books before (brett is a fan) but after meeting him i have, they are as nuts as he is. oh, and we got him to sign a book too :)

so for now, that will do.

yesturday, i was in my late 20's. today, early 30's

so what's happened to me in the last few months.
well, i was too lazy to go out and get a new boyfriend, so i made one out of kaos_lawnboy whom i have known for about 4. 5 years. ridiculously happy and in love and all that rot.
my baby turned 10. we had a great day out doing touristy things, and she had a sleep over. i now get eye rolls and "whatevers" more than i used too. she is tall, beautiful and intelligent, i see me beating the boys off with a stick! a large stick!
i was demoted at work and then back in the top position all in the same week. they brought in a qualified chef from one of the other bars that closed down, he started tuesday quit by friday. all he is doing is teaching us the new menu and leaving, but i got it down the 1st night, i have no need for him lol.
i'm working many hours to save the moneys for travel and stuffs.
i had a 90's grunge party for my birthday last week. was given a birthday present that made me love everyone and everything thing, and touching stuff felt so good :D

and today i turned 30

that is all

how are you?
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