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I'm a bad live journal-er

up until recently, i had been visiting LJ daily, reading your lives daily and all that, even if i didn't update much, but lately, i haven't even been doing that.
i'm a bad person.

so now that i have caught up with you all, and updated myself on web comics etc, it's all about me!

so a couple of months ago i lost my job as the head chef/cook at the rose and thistle. new owners had taken over and a few weeks into it i got the "we don't need you as of now" speech. after 2.5 years working there, i was gone in less than a minute. as we all had to reapply for our jobs, and here in NZ we have a 90 day trial thing with any job they were well within their rights to do it.
i have heard a few second hand accounts on why i was fired, but i have never been given a real reason, but oh well, shite happens.
so the job hunt begins. i have applied for a million and ONE jobs online, only have got like two response. one resulted in an interview where i was offered the job running the bar in a golf club, BUT unfortunately, i had to turn that job down due to transport. i don't have any. the nearest bus stop was 4 km's away.
at the same time i had been cruising bars giving over my CV asking for work. in one day i went to 25 places. i got one call back from this. i had a great interview, a week later i had a great trial. it was front of house at a pizzeria. the manager wanted to hire me, BUT there wasn't actually a position. the manager was going to try and convince the owner to hire me, but he said no.
waste of my fucking time.
i had an interview at a grotty wee tavern last week for some part time work, expecting a call back tomorrow
so, i am still unemployed but still searching.
me being me, i'm not letting it get me down. i would rather take my time and get something i like than work in some menial job i don't want.
in the mean time, my house is super clean and organized and i have been doing a lot of experimental baking, much to the joy of brett (my boyfriend) and taylah (my midget)

other things that have happened.
one of my "kittens" was hit and killed by a car last week. she was one of the litter that one of my older cats had, nearly 3 years old. the other cats (three remaining. the two original and one form the same litter) seem to miss her. they have been hanging out in places she used, and they haven't had it in them to fight! they used to hiss and smack each other constantly, but since tobie (the torby)'s death, nothing.
RIP my chatter box cat. i will miss our conversations.

no major new news from my midget. she's still tall, gorgeous and clever. we have had to have a couple of sex and growing up chats lately, but i don't mind those. she doesn't get silly or embarrassed, she asks genuinely valid questions. she is playing hokey for winter sport this year, which she seems to be more enthusiastic about this time around due to watching brett play on monday nights. and it helps that we are taking her in to buy gear and a stick today, new stuff always makes kids enthusiastic.

brett and i are still stupidly happy together. i don't remember mentioning it, but after a trip to napier (my home town) at the start of the year (where the car broken down, cost us lots blah blah blah) he moved in.
it's a hard life for him. the other day he complained that i don't let him do anything around the house. if he offers to do something like vacuum the floor i say i will do it. poor guy.
nearly 8 months later and we are still squishy.

a few weeks ago at Armageddon (nz's version of a comic con type thing) we meet robert rankin. he did a little talk thing that hardly anyone showed up too, but it made it more intimate and amusing. the guy is completely nuts and i had not read any of his books before (brett is a fan) but after meeting him i have, they are as nuts as he is. oh, and we got him to sign a book too :)

so for now, that will do.


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Apr. 26th, 2010 02:41 am (UTC)
me too. someone recommended i write to my local labour MP telling him about my situation, because mine is definitely a case of how much it can suck, but i didn't bother
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