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mmmmmmm baking

so, today i bought some DVDs (mallrats, empire of the sun and stand by me) and i am really looking forward to watching them. but, i also want to make soup and some bread and some other baking stuffs.
problem solved, i am taking my TV and DVD player into the kitchen :)

just chililn', a little illin'

i am way more relaxed about the 48 being at my abode this time around.
i learned last time that all the effort is appreciated by some, but not by most, and i should not be a perfectionist people pleaser.
last time i was unemployed and had way more time on my hands. this time i am working split shifts right up until the day off the starting. also this time i am not doing the organizing and not opening up as much of the house. oh, and i have a young man coming over friday for the helping of rearranging of furniture.
only one issue has arisen for me, i have no idea where i am going to sleep if i need it, my room is going to have a live band in it friday night, and it will be the bag room for the weekend lol

in other news: i used a very strong grease cutting cleaner at work today, i have chemical burns on my arm where it splashed and i think i have no nose hair haha


i paid a co worker 20 cents to eat a wedge of lemon. he got half way through before he went "omg, what did you do to it" which was nothing, i just had 20 cents and wanted to see if he would do it.

not nearly as amusing as the time i made another co worker eat/drink a whole pint of lemons, white bits and all for a free beer, which he did and then i got him to finish my shift for me.

cost for me all up: $5.90
making my own fun at work: priceless


the joys of working in hospo

because i run the kitchen i usually get to hide in my hole, but on friday and some saturday nights i am out and large in the bar.
two amusing incidences from last weekend:

incident one:
this guy had obviously had too much to drink. i had served him before on another day so i knew he wasn't always like this. he was rambling and was slurring hard out.
his new "friends" ie: randoms who were also pissed and started talking to him, questioned why i refused to serve him. i replied with "he is obviously pissed, he is swaying and slurring. he hasn't done anything to warrant being being kicked out yet, but i don't want him to drink here"
one of the guys asked me "so if someone walked in off the street and was slurring you wouldn't serve him, thats discrimination!!"
i asked if he meant someone with a speech impairment, because it is easy to tell the difference.
he said no, drunken slurring.
so i asked "you think it is discrimination for me to refuse service of a drunk person?"
"yes" was the reply
then he went on to call me a red headed bitch, and soon got kicked out.

incident two:
we have a TAB (a betting system, for dogs, horses, sports etc) and there is a big sign on the bar in front of it saying we do not serve drinks over it, it is TAB only.
some guys who had been betting were trying to get drinks over that way through different staff members all night. they always got told "no, we cannot serve over here, come around to the bar"
when one of them tried it on me, i pointed at the sign and asked if he could read.
he said "no, i am deaf"
i had to lol at that one

oh and a bonus, i told a guy who was being a dick that i was losing my patience with him, just to serve as a warning. he told me i was being rude, i said no i am being honest and blunt. he then asked for my phone number.

and i get to do it all again tonight!! :D

i want to ride my bicycle

i have taken up cycling again. my arse hurts. that is all
so, sitting here, feeling like shite, i have a cold. doorbell goes, answer it, friends of flatmates, let them in.
go and sit down, knock knock and doorbell, sounds urgent. get up, there is a young arabic guy at the door
he starts rambling, and looks upset
"sorry to disturb you, i saw people come into your house. i was out today with some girls i don't know very well and bought a car. it broke down and they told me to go and get oil. i went for oil at the service station and now my car is gone"
i was confused and asked if they had stolen his car. he doesn't think they have because one of the girls had mentioned that she had a brother down the road and he thought maybe they had gone there. but he doesn't know where there is. he mentioned the cars in our drive way, and i was confused and asked him if he thought the girls were here, but from what i could get form him, i think he was asking if someone could drive him down the road.
i told him he needed to call the police. he didn't want too. he seemed to be concerned about what the police would do. we told him that the police would help him. terry told him that police in new zealand were here to help thinking maybe it was a cultural thing *shrug*. he said that one of the girls took his phone to do some texting.
he said something about would they be upset because they had drunken some wine, but i told him he needed to call the police, that as far as i could tell, these girls had stolen his car and grabbed the phone.
i had given the phone to terry, who gave it too him but i decided that it was best if i explained it. there seemed to be a bit of a language barrier with the guy.
so i tell the police the shorter version of what he has told me, and i try to get him to answer some questions.
he knew the make and year of the car, but didn't know the licence plater number.
he knew one of the girls names, and said she was a maori, and the other a kiwi, i asked if he meant by kiwi that she was white skinned, but he said both of them were white skinned.
he knew where he picked the girls up from, but not the number.
the girl he knew had not long hair, but longer than her shoulder,
he at 1st was saying that the girl was wearing a skirt, but it changed to pants.
the police lady on the other end was getting concerned that his story was changing all the time so i politely walked off and mentioned that he had said they had been drinking wine and described what he was wearing and looked like etc.
we told him to hang around outside and that the police were coming.
they have just called back to ask if he is still here, we popped out to check and he is on a moblie phone, with two guys with him. he called the police himself. i'm guessing he told them the same thing he told me and they said the same thing "call the cops"

yup, still alive

but most of you will know that from facebook. i have been told a few times recently that i should start blogging again, but i do kinda just blob out and facebook things when i have free time. and if i don't blog about something right away, i generally forget too, or the moment passes.

so whats up in kathi world?

my beautiful, talented and TALL daughter has been put up a year at school. she is 9 and in the 10 yr old class :D. she is learning guitar and has got smoke on the water down, and is now learning "time of your life" by green day. her tutor is a young guy in a rock band. i like his style lol.

i attended homegrown in wellington with ryan. it fucking rocked. it was almost worth all the money and travel just to see Head Like a Hole together again for the first time in ten years. and guess what? they are doing a nation wide tour in a few weeks, so guess who is catching them at bedford row on the 25th with a posse !!! oh, i mean me if you didn't know :P

just before homegrown, i cut off half my hair and lost a lot of weight. i'm a size (nz) 14, which i haven't been since i was 14!. i cannot believe how big i got really. i was pushing 100kgs, down in the 70's now and feeling so much healthier for it :)

i'm over short hair, and growing it back.

um, work? i still run the kitchen at the RAT (rose and thistle). there was the whole company that owns us going into receivership thing, and all the rumors and bullshite that went along with it. but i am assured my job is safe, we are not for sale (we make too much money, we pay of debts). i am learning how to do cost of goods and gross profit things now! haha, i know for some people this is everyday stuff, and for someone in charge of a kitchen i should already know this, but it's a wee kitchen, i am not qualified or *that* experienced, but i do my job well, i am willing to learn and before now i didn't have to do it. now i do, even tho i hate math, i am actually enjoying it. makes me feel like i really do run things lol

social life? whats with kaosians having parties on fridays?? friday night is bar night for me, i work until after 1am. i am going to try and make it to a kaos party soon, but in the meantime, i have been spending a lot of time at mickey finns, getting bruises along my thighs from jumping around in front of the stage hehe. i might be turning 30 in November, but unlike what some people think, it's not a ticket to start acting old.

on the subject of my 30th, i am having a 90's grunge party. with a live band :). shadow puppet play at work often and play a lot of music from that era and in that genre, so they are perfect. we all get along well because of this connection, and they are still convinced i am lying when i mention my age. i have had the theme in mind for a few years now, finding a band that fits perfectly is the cheery :D

and for now, that is all


so, i am from napier

so there is a mad gunman shooting up there. had a long entry lined up, but will go into i tomorrow
my mum says napier is eerily quiet, my friend who is holed up in the area says they every time she hears gunshots, is sounds like in a movie.
some people at work strated talking about aramoana, and wondered why i had a horrified expression on my face, forgetting i am from napier

no i am...

not okay. stop fucking asking

day of merry to y'all

it's hannah montana day at our house. when buying the miley cyrus cd at the cd store the guy commented that i looked embarrassed, i mentioned it was for my 9 year old, then i had to to give him photographic evidence that i had one or he would start giving me shite for buying it. i pulled out my cel phone to prove it and he let me off lol.
midget also got the best of both worlds dvd so it's being thrashed, with subtitles so she can sing along.
it's just a quiet xmas for us, just me and her. we have lollies, deli meats, cheese and bread, we are all good. my mother arrives for a week tomorrow and i will be spending the rest of my day cleaning my house ready for her visit, waiting for some phone calls, then maybe i will make it over to the waifs and strays xmas party.
so merry xmas, eat, drink and enjoy yourselves and each other:)