hodge podge and steaming cup of crap

and all that rot

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Hodge Podge and Steaming Cup of Crap
The low down
im a nerdy geek
born: napier
lived in: auckland, wellington, christchurch, napier and now have come back to christchurch
occupation: parent, seamstress (but not in the terry pratchett sense), student, zoo keeper and now, i have moved from trainee chef to running a small two chef bistro kitchen within a year. but i still have a lot to learn.
uumm and errr... stuff
favourite quote: "..." -Devi from I Feel Sick and JTHM fame
i am the kind of person who is closer to their friends than they are to their family (except of course my daughter taylah, shes my world). along my travels i have met great people. if star signs are to be believed i am very scorpio, fiercely loyal, add to that my irishness and preference to things of the goth nature and thats me
oh and i moderate:
kiwichicks, an honor bestowed onto me when the old mod's real life got in the way of her lj life.
and sellmywares_nz, a place for artistic and talented kiwis to sell their wares to others.
and wholy shite, i got me a my space. http://www.myspace.com/chilimissy i'm scared, hold me
and this makes me even more dead inside http://www.bebo.com/misschilikat kill me now


Here are some random individual words in no particular order that describe me

random crazy insane mad nutter weird fashion-design tattooed pierced cooking bisexual scholar twenty-something female solo mother student zoo-keeper sewing party-girl average comic-books computers internet art-deco-city-napier city-of-sails-auckland windy-wellington garden-city-christchurch new-zealand teachers-college student-exec crafts communications tartan whiskey geek nerd cartoons blue ocean photography art paint cigarettes girls food guys men woman bondage love cute freckles cars movies life loss journals one-liners fun sadness alcohol internet-relay-chat emails books words pain joy hats quiet noise sex power youth age views sites politics stories chains warmth instant-gratification news-paper ranting ropes red-hot-chili-peppers bitch scorpio fan-girl irish-kiwi sexy whips detached deviant evil adorable movies gorgeous angel spunky fearless scared timid extrovert self hot startling too-nice loyal flying rising falling tumbling turning spinning spiraling out-of-control................ *crash*

this ticker was made out of pure boredom

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